Greetings for the day! Its been a while since I wrote something. I was totally into work and it was more of a all work and no play scenario for past few months. I was trying to pen down something (or I’d rather say type down something) ever since I took a break from work and started focusing on helping people traveling to my place(Wayanad). As you all know I started this project wayanadfinder for bridging the gap between the tech savvy modern day travelers and not so technologically advanced people of Wayanad. Today is a very special day for this venture because Today is the day we are going green. We started with changing the overall blue theme of this website to greenish color theme. For us, going green means a lot. Green is the prime color of this world. We symbolize our newly formed policies of supporting landscape conservation, taking steps to be energy efficient, Planting and protecting homogeneous plants, helping farmers, above all steps for making the pollution low and a lot more through this green theme. In my childhood, We had misty, cool mornings and lush greenery all around and my home was surrounded with paddy fields. By the time I grew up, we see farmers committing suicide on loss in yield mainly because of climate changes. The greenery is vanishing from the terrain in a great pace. Being a good human who experienced the change in environment due to all evil activities by human race, I decided not to repeat the faults I was doing in my life. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle will be the most important words for Wayanadfinder going forward. Another important thing I noticed from news is our country is scored very low in global happiness index. I was shocked to know that fact. I suggest all you unhappy people to travel a lot. Travel makes people refreshed and happy. You experience new things, you feel recharged and happy when you travel. Travel as much as you can when you are able. Don’t bother about the money, let the travel happen. Experience is far more valuable than money ever will be. Choose Wayanad as one of your destinations, I’m here for helping you out with planning your whole Wayanad trip from places to visit in Wayanad, where to stay, when to visit and all those stuff related with your travel.

Green is the new blue. Change for a better world
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