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Camping at Vagamon hills

From Rs.1,650.00 per night

Switch off your phone and reboot yourself in the lap of nature. This tailormade off the grid camping experience can take you out of all the stress of the modern life and puts you in a calm and quiet mood of the moutains. Ideal package for small groups or Families in a preserved piece of nature. Read on for learning more about the experience.

Product Description

How about spending your night in a tent and watching the first rays of sun after a short goodmorning trek to the nearest summit? Camping at vagamon hills is, admittedly the best thing to do this season. Vagamon is a hillstation located between Idukki and Kottayam districs of beautiful Indian state – Kerala. Scenic views of Vagamon are comprised of a beautiful series of hillocks, valleys and cascading waterfalls that make it the ideal getaway for travellers.

Where do you camp?

Located near to Kurishumala – Vagamon, our camping site is a naturally blessed place. Once you’re here, you can not only experience the alluring meadows and scenic spots that are synonymous with Vagamon, but also our lush rain forest abundant with birds and wildlife. There are two streams running through the property that breaks into waterfalls at multiple locations and not to forget are our gigantic rock formations and caves that dot the property.

Whats it like Camping at Vagamon hills?

Camping is our passion. We organise well-curated “laid back” camping to pop up “survival camps” deep in our forests. We provide tents and sleeping aids to all our guests, our equipment’s are well tested for all weather conditions in the Western Ghats. All our campsites are carefully selected bearing in mind the safety and comfort of our guests.

Food: We are primarily a nature preserve and a farm, we serve our guests the same food that we eat i.e. traditional Kerala highlands fare. We will try to accommodate your dietary requirements as much as possible. The food we eat is simple, local and nutritional.

Toilets? Yes, We do have clean and modern toilets and shower rooms near to the camping site. (Though we are in the middle of nowhere, we are still part of an open defecation free state)

Wi-Fi, Cellphone and Charging? We do not offer WiFi here, still you will find better connections. We advice you to do nothing and relax on your holiday, but still if you want to receive that urgent call or update your social media stories, We have cell phone reception for various providers at specific locations in close proximity to the campsite. While the campsite itself receives sporadic connectivity for few providers. We are happy to offer you facility for charging your phone by requesting you to bear in mind that we are off the grid and power is a valuable resource for us.

What if the weather plays spoilsport, I am expected to stay in our tent the whole time?

No, you don’t have to, our farmstead although very basic and rustic has ample space for you to relax and engage in indoor activities while the weather passes. Our dining space which overlooks our orchard has a fantastic view!

What’s near? Around our camping site at Vagamon, You could find attractions like the scenic Kurisumala, Thangal para, Waterfalls, green meadows and a handful of other places. Our expert team will also help you explore the beauty of Vagamon by giving you sightseeing insights.

How do I book a slot? Select dates, number of visitors, and click on “check availability”, rest of the process is very similar to the checkout process of online shopping. Only difference is, you dont have to pay at checkout. Pay only after receiving our email confirmation of availability.

Camping at Vagamon hills


Free activities you can experience during the camp –

• Campfire.
• Sunrise trek.
• Trekking with free-range farm animals.
• Cave exploration.
• Interaction with farm animals
• Nature walk.
• Trek to our private waterfall.
• Classes on Biodynamic farming.
• Workshop on apiculture.
• Foraging.

What are the paid activities?

• Barbecue.
• Birding Workshops.
• Survival camps.
• Bushcraft workshops.
• Tribal Handicraft workshops.
• Off-roading.

Camping at Vagamon hills


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