Hilltop camping tents in Wayanad
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Hilltop camping tents in Wayanad

From Rs.850.00 per night

It can be really fun and you will have a great time under the stars inside a camping tent. Staying in a tent is a great way to be in the fresh air and still be comfortable. Camping in Wayanad in a 2000ft hilltop resort with a unique view outside.

Product Description

Have you ever spent a night under the sky, gazing the stars surrounded by silence? This hilltop camping site lets you stay in a tent set on a hilltop along with availability of restaurant, clean toilet and bath facilities. If you are looking for a camping tent in Wayanad, your reached the right place.

The Hilltop camping in Wayanad experience

You may reach Wayanad in the morning, Dont spend your camping day sitting inside your tent. Camping is about being outside, enjoying the nature and everything around you. Go for a walk to the summit for having a mesmerizing view downhill. Sunrise view from this hilltop is a must watched experience. Optionally hire a cab and go wildlife spotting or sightseeing. In Wayanad, there is lots to do wherever you go. Comeback here by the sunset time. The tents will be ready for you at the camping site near to resort premises and after a refreshing dinner, you may either warm yourself up in the campfire or fall into deep sleep keeping your alarms to wake up a few minutes before sunrise.

In the morning, trek uphill towards the rock and do a little morning adventure by climbing upon the viewpoint rock using the rop help there. Then you will see a view that will make a memory for a lifetime. the whole Wayanad will be sleeping under the blanket of the mist and you can witness the whole sunrise(Words or pictures cannot express the feeling of witnessing the sunrise one have to experience it here.) After watching the sunrise, You may opt for a trekking further uphill taking help of the resort personnel or you may wind up after a tasty kerala style breafast.

Tents of different capacities are available here. Accommodation is provided in tent inside the plantations or Inside the garden of the hilltop resort. There is an opportunity of a nature walk, and a couple adventure activities are also arranged on demand.


Hilltop camping tents in Wayanad


  • Tent stay in private plantation.
  • Bathroom facility
  • Optional nature walk inside plantation
  • Cycling, All terrain vehicle, Campfire, Food will be arranged at extra cost.


Hilltop camping tents in Wayanad


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