Karlad lake
Karlad lake view from kayakAnother view from Karlad lake

Zipline and Kayaking at Karlad lake

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One of the best zip-line available in Wayanad area, along with other adventures like inflated Kayaks. Situated near to Banasura Sagar Dam, Karlad lake is a must visit spot of beginner and medium difficulty adventures at a safe and controlled environement

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Karlad lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Wayanad, situated in a place named Tariod, which is 16 km from Kalpetta. It is a place which is ideal for peace lovers, and especially for those who wanted to take a escape of relief from from a busy tourist spot. Spread over more than 7 acres of area, Karlad lake is said to be the second largest freshwater lake in Wayanad and also a well-known picnic spot with boating facility.

The famous Banasura Sagar Dam is just a 3 km away from this Karlad Lake. The Karlad Tourism Centre is equipped with a facilitation centre, a couple of tents, maintaining a heritage village etc.

Zip-Line experience in Karlad is one of the best you can get in the Wayanad area. The Zip-line goes all the across the Karlad lake and then they get you back in a boat with a one way distance of approximately 350 metres. While the inflated Kayaks offers a feel good experience of rowing a kayak on your own.

Zipline and Kayaking at Karlad lake


  • Entry to Karlad lake
  • Zipline and Kayaking at Karlad lake
  • One bottle of packaged drinking water
  • Small pack of homemade chocolate bars

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Zipline and Kayaking at Karlad lake


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