Kudipraveshika ayurveda farm stay Wayanad
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Kudipraveshika Ayurveda Theme stay Wayanad

From Rs.650.00 per night

Set in an traditional Kerala farm ambience surounded with organic, medicinal farm, Kudiraveshika gives you a calm and peaceful environment which is essential for fast recovery from stress naturally. Supervised by two Qualified ayurveda proffessionals, Kudipraveshika ayur nilayam offers a calm and serene stay experience set in a authentic kerala village life.

Product Description

Kerala is home to the most ancient treatment practices of our world, the Ayurveda. Kudipraveshika Ayurnilayam offers best in class treatment administered by qualified ayurveda proffessionals.

Along with the Ayurvedic treament center, Kudipraveshika offers accommodation in a traditional Kerala style architecture home. The home is set adminst a village ambience inside an age old plantation. You will be hosted by a well mannered family during the treatment. Accommodation arraged in a traditional kerala style home takes you to the old days when ayurveda was originaly practiced. The place is surrounded by rare species of flora and fauna, cultivated nad preserved by three generations of authentic organic farmers. You will find a relaxed and peaceful ambience here along with the fresh air procuced by the medicinal vegitation surrounds the treatment center. Half of the stress caused by your daily hustle will be cured by ambience that surrounds you.

Room options offered by this organic ayurveda farmstay Wayanad
  • Traditional Kerala home: 700 per head(Bed+breakfast)
  • Modern villa(3500/- stay+breakfast for two adults, 650 er head for extra person)

Optionally, You will be examined by a qualified Ayurveda physician and if needed, go for a massage session, upon undrerstanding your body conditions, doctor may suggest you treatment which you may optionally execute. The treatment center is equipped with state of the art massage table, clean bathrooms, and medicined prepared by natural ingrediants and handplucked medicinal plants.


Kudipraveshika Ayurveda Theme stay Wayanad


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