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Silverwoods Resort, Wayanad

From Rs.8,750.00 per night

Perched on a hill lock and nestled on the banks of the beautiful of the Banasura Sagar dam, Wayanad Silverwoods is a luxurious, expansive, intimate, and exceptionally styled retreat for travelers seeking enriching lifestyle experience without limitations.

Product Description

Silverwoods Resort Wayanad

Overlloking the breathtking view of Banasura Sagar dam reservoir, Silverwoods resort Wayanad sets right holiday mood by mixing all ingredients in a perfect ratio. Silverwoods offers accommodation in well designed classy and modern cottages which offers a view of Banasura sagar dam reservoir. Once can spend an entire day looking at the beauty of the waterbody merging with the hills and teh sky above.

Accommodation in Silverwoods resorts

Wayanad Silverwoods is set on a vast area of 16 acres providing a breathtaking view of the Banasura sagar with the green covered banasura mountains as the back drop. Cottages offer luxury, confort and tranquility all packaged together. Mixture of mist clad hills with exotic and myriad forms of flora and fauna, organic farms, gushing mountain streams, estates and cascading waterfalls, creating one of the most beautiful nature theme accommodation in Kerala.


Silverwoods Resort, Wayanad


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